Different Selves EP

by Two Places at Once

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released March 10, 2014



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Two Places at Once Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Independent Alternetive Rock band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
First EP called "Different Selves" was released on 2014.

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Track Name: Gloves
A New Day, A New Way
You know you'll not find
But you're still running away
There must be a reason
For so much confusion in your air
Don't wanna know the secret, my friend

Would you know
How to unfold your love ?

I don't wanna know if you're pretending
Or your head is a crazy endless wave
A peaceless man with tears in his eyes
And the universe is beside him
Are the hands without gloves ?

Would you know
How to unfold your love ?

Would you know
How to unfold and hold your love?
Track Name: Wide-Eyed
Keep your eyes on me
I'm like a marionette
Up and down I don't know
Oh, where I came from?

It seems to be smooth like water
There ain't no proof to tell me
That a glass of wine
Can't pull me to the sky

Right and left,
They're only one side
Streets make a swirl in the head
For a second I was dead

Show me honey,
Where I find the love in you
Where you hide the truth
Where you hide the truth, love...

Now I found my own control
But it still being strange
I'm running in circles
Being a free man upon a string
You really think I'm mad
Perharps I am
Track Name: Masks
You can't ever quit your fight
You won't ever change your mind
Cause someone just want you to lose

I'll stay with you on your side
There's nothing left to hide
On the stairways to pearly gates
Flowers don't have it's faces anymore

Is there someone watching over you?
Things have passed faster than wind
Masks are falling one by one
Now you know who they really are
Track Name: Their Snake Gaze
Snake eyes will be chasing until your death
The followers treading in your flesh
If it's not here, up there will be

I'll wait on the moon
the end of your universe

The Hell is in your eyes and the fire seems to be blind
The Hell is in your eyes

For me, a wall being
For you how to destroy it
If it's not here, up there will be

I'll wait on the moon
The end of your universe

Snake eyes (Hell is Blind)

I'll wait on the moon
I'll wait on the moon
I'll wait on the moon my end in your universe.